How to Relieve Hip and Back Pain Yourself (Video 3)

When you’re working on do-it-yourself pain relief anywhere on your body, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure your body is in neutral as often as possible when you sit, stand, and even sleep. This is because when your body is in neutral, your muscles don’t ache or seize up as often.
  2. Pick a tool and roll to relieve old muscle adhesions that could be contributing to or completely causing your pain.
  3. Do exercises to strengthen your muscles that hold you in neutral. This final step is the key to becoming and staying pain-free.


Imprint, which is also referred to as Pelvic tilt, is the very first exercise you should learn to master. By correctly practicing Imprint, you’ll strengthen the muscles that help hold your body in neutral.

This will help relieve your pain, and it’s the key to staying pain-free.

Watch the video below to learn how to master Imprint. Plus, I’ll continue to answer your questions about how to relieve hip and back pain yourself.

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Hi, I'm Sarah! After experimenting with the very best and easiest ways to relieve hip + back pain, I figured out a powerful combination of exercises to ditch pain and get back to living a completely active life. Are you ready to get started?