How to Relieve Hip and Back Pain Yourself (Video 2)

Back when I was suffering from hip and back pain, I scoured the internet and wracked my brain, searching for the perfect solution to help me feel just a little bit better.

It was a simple-yet-grueling process:

  1. Google for help. (Remember to change what I’m asking for help with so I can get different search results.)
  2. Scroll through the list of potentially helpful articles.
  3. Click on one.
  4. Read it.
  5. Try the exercises.
  6. Take note of any good exercises or articles for future references.

At the time I started researching, I thought I’d find a handful of good exercises, create a little program for myself, and kiss this pain goodbye.

But, it didn’t work that way.

Each exercise left me in pain or feeling like I hadn’t really done anything at all. It felt like nothing helped me feel better.

That’s because I was missing one very important component. This one thing is the key to feeling better now and keeping your body pain-free in the future.

Last call for questions!

The next video will be the last in our series to teach you how to relieve hip and back pain yourself. If there are any questions you’re still pondering, leave a comment or send me an email and ask away!

About Sarah Stockett

Hi, I'm Sarah! After experimenting with the very best and easiest ways to relieve hip + back pain, I figured out a powerful combination of exercises to ditch pain and get back to living a completely active life. Are you ready to get started?